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Craftsmen Online was established to serve as a source of additional Light in Freemasonry for Brothers around the world. Co-founded by MW Steven Adam Rubin and RW Michael Arce during the early days of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, our goal is to produce Masonic content that focus on Education, History, Leadership, and the Membership Experience.

Our team (below) is a Working Group of dedicated Brothers that offer their talents and time to advance the mission of producing our meaningful work. Are you interested in joining? We are looking for content contributors, photographers, video producers, writers, thinkers, and men who are passionate about our Beloved Craft. Send us an email to share your background and interest in Craftsmen Online.

MWGM Steven Adam Rubin
MW Steven Adam Rubin


MW Steven Adam Rubin is the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the State of New York. From 2006 to 2015, he served as Proctor of Grand Lodge, a position likened to that of District Attorney of Grand Lodge; from 2015-2018 Bro. Rubin served as Judge Advocate, attorney and counselor, to the Grand Master. From 2018-2021, MW Rubin served as Grand Treasurer.

In addition to the foregoing, Brother Rubin serves on the Grand Lodge Masonic Brotherhood Foundation and is a past member of the Grand Lodge Constitutions and Finance Committees. Since 2015 Bro. Steven has served as Judge Advocate of the Grand Chapter, Royal Arch Masons.

Bro. Rubin is a member of Goldenrule Clermont McKinley Lodge No. 486 in the First Manhattan District, Old Town Lodge No. 908 in the Suffolk District and Warren Lodge No. 32 in the Mid-Hudson Masonic District.

RW Michael Arce


RW Michael Arce is plural member of Mount Zion Lodge No. 311, Troy, New York and St. John’s Lodge No. 11, Washington, DC. In May of 2023, he was appointed to the Grand Representative to the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia near the Grand Lodge of New York.

He is also the host of The Craftsmen Online Podcast.

RW Bill Edwards


R.W. Brother Bill Edwards has been an active student of Freemasonry and its kindred sciences for over 30 years studying the history, ritual, philosophy and application of the esoteric symbolism. He believes that Masonry is a transformative art and as temple builders endeavoring to do the Great Work, every Brother is capable of improving themselves as a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual living stone. Both while in this realm of existence and for that house not made with hands in the heavens.

Brother Edwards is the Current District Deputy Grand Master for the Monroe Masonic District (2020-2024), a member of the Custodians of the Work and the Leadership and Educational Services Committee as a certified Maxwell facilitator, speaker and coach. He is a Past Grand Lodge Staff Officer, Past Assistant Grand Lecturer, Founding Master of Ecclesia Lodge No. 1189 OM (2018) and Past Master of Webster Masonic Lodge No. 538 (1996-1997). Bill has served as the chair of the Valley of Rochester’s biennial College of Freemasonry educational event and he received his 33rd Degree of the Scottish Rite NMJ in Louisville, Ky (2023).

Brother Bill is a member of regional, national and international Masonic research organizations including the Philalethes Society, Masonic Society and is also an Associate Member of the Lodge of the Living Stones in Leeds England which explores the esoteric teachings of Walter Leslie Wilmshurst, author of the Masonic Classic, “The Meaning of Masonry.”

Samuel Lloyd Kinsey
RW Samuel L. Kinsey


RW Samuel Lloyd Kinsey is a member and three-time Past Master of Mariners Lodge No. 67, a Past Assistant Grand Lecturer and Past District Deputy Grand Master of the First Manhattan District, and the current chairman of the Custodians of the Work—a committee on which he has served for over a decade.

During his term of service on the Custodians Bro. Kinsey directed the work that resulted in the first major revision of the Ritual Book since its inception in 1960, helped lead the effort to return the Grand Lodge of New York to its original practice of allowing Lodges to open on any of the three Degrees, and was a principal author of the revised Drama of the Hiramic Legend.

Bro. Kinsey has worked with the Ritual Renaissance Program throughout its existence, writing over 200 pages of articles and papers on the history, meaning and interpretation of the symbols and lessons embodied in our Degree Rituals as well as floorwork guides and other training materials, and designing animated guides to the Degree floorwork and Hiramic Drama.

He frequently has been invited to give presentations on the principles and practices of Lodge revitalization, talks on the history, development, politics and meanings of Masonic Ritual, participate in panel discussions and conduct Q&A sessions on the Custodians’ work.

In his non-Masonic life, Bro. Kinsey performed for over forty years as a classical singer and has spent the last decade or so writing on the subjects of spirits and cocktails, most recently contributing several articles to the critically acclaimed Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails.

RW Steven Adam Rubin


VM Michael LaRocco, 33°, was raised 2011 by Lynbrook-Massapequa Lodge No 822. He is the AGL for Nassau District and Director of the Chancellor Robert R Livingston Masonic Library. Devout member of Freemasonry and if you ask him which Rite (York or Scottish) to go into he will say, “both, see it all!” Michael received the Meritorious Service Award (MSA) in 2019 by the NY COD Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, NMJ. Brother Mike has been meditating since 1990 and enlightenment has been his top topic of study his whole life. He loves to teach and discuss the deeper symbolism of the degrees and how they can be used practically to enable us to realize our true self and contribute to humanity. Michael attests that Freemasonry is the most important fraternity in world history because it is very presence protects humanity from the 2 main obstacles to truth – superstition and tyranny.

Bro. Anis D. Okbani


Bro. Okbani is a proud New York Mason, member of the Anchor Astoria Lodge no. 729 and Cornucopia Lodge no. 563, Queens District, 32° Scottish Rite Mason, Member of the Royal Arch, and also a proud member of the Shriners.

Anis Okbani’s fellowship is enjoyed by many brothers at several Grand Lodge and District social events as well as charitable endeavors.

WB Todd M. Paterek


WB Todd M. Paterek is Worshipful Master, Lodge Education Officer, Northstar Coach, and Webmaster of Blazing Star Lodge #694 F&AM, East Aurora, New York.

RW Steven Adam Rubin
RW Anthony Prizzia


RW Anthony Prizzia is the Past Master of Adonai Lodge #718, Highland, New York. Bro. Prizzia is also a proud member of Cyprus Shrine, Oriental Shrine, Ulster County Shrine Club, Valley of Albany A.A.S.R, Poughkeepsie Chapter 172, Poughkeepsie Commandery 43, Royal Order of Scotland.

WB Asly Raymond


WB Asly Raymond is Master of Francis Lewis Lodge No. 273 of the Queens District and Past Master of Joshua Lodge No. 890 of the 7th Manhattan District. Bro. Raymond is also the High Priest of Pentalpha Banner Chapter No. 206, Royal Arch Masons and a proud 32° Scottish Rite Mason at the Valley of Rockville Centre. He is a big proponent of carrying the principles of Freemasonry out of the lodge room to enhance one’s social, professional and spiritual life.

WB Ron Seifried, DSA

EDITOR, Craftsmen Online and CO-EDITOR, New York Masonic History

WB Ronald J. Seifried, DSA is the Past Master, Trustee Chairman and Historian of Jephtha Lodge No. 494. Bro. Seifried is also a proud 32° Mason Scottish Rite, Valley of Rockville Centre, Companion of Asharokan Chapter No. 288, Royal Arch Masons, and Member of Suffolk Council No. 76, Cryptic Masons. Bro. Seifried is also the author of “Long Island Freemasons,” Arcadia Publishing, 2020

Jason Short
Bro. Jason Short


Brother Jason W. Short has a passion for studying the Masonic craft and takes great joy in inspiring others to do the same. He works as a producer and craftsman of film and television in New York City and draws upon his lifetime in entertainment and performing arts to help communicate his Masonic perspectives and ideas. He has been a recurring guest on both the Craftsmen Online Podcast and Reading Room panelist as well as a guest lecturer for the Chancellor Robert R. Livingston Library. Presently, Jason is the Treasurer of Aurora Grata-Day Star Lodge No.647, a Royal Arch Mason with Nassau Chapter 109, and 32º Sublime Prince of the AASR Valley of NYC. Freemasonry has made a profound and positive impression on Jason’s life, and he encourages others to allow it to affect them the same.