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Our goal is to provide a program that serves as a companion to today’s busy Freemason who is looking for Masonic Education, life stories told by Brothers across the Craft, and intriguing conversations on Masonic themes and topics. While our program is meant for everyone, we hope that this is the half-hour of Masonic thought you look forward to, every week.

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Bro. Michael Arce

Bro. Michael Arce

Editor in Chief

Bro. Michael Arce began his broadcasting career at the age of 15 in his hometown of Yuma, Arizona. His first job at his local radio station was delivering farm news during a student internship. After high school, he pursued a 20-year broadcasting career with stops at KTTI-FM (Yuma, AZ), KIIM-FM (Tucson, AZ), WGNA-FM (Albany, NY), WRWD-FM (Poughkeepsie, NY), WWFG-FM (Salisbury/Ocean City, MD), WKLI-FM (Albany, NY), WRVE-FM (Albany), and WGY-AM/FM (Albany).