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Too often, too much of our Masonic experience is consumed by the mundane yet necessary work of attending to the business of our Lodges. And while the social and charitable aspects of our Craft are cherished parts of our tradition, they too can command an inordinate share of our time and efforts. But what of improving ourselves as men and Masons? There is an undeniable thirst in modern Freemasonry for the esoteric knowledge entrusted to the care of well-informed brethren.

For as long as the Craft has existed, brethren have gathered together outside of their regular communications to exchange Masonic ideas and insights. Yet for some brothers, whether due to distance or the many demands of modern life, this experience hasn’t been within reach.

Until now.

Seeking more Light

Whether you are a newly made Mason, a Master Mason with a five-year-pin, or a dedicated Brother of the Craft you came to this page because you are seeking more Light. Welcome!

Craftsmen Online is proud to partner with the Brothers of George Washington Lodge 285 Square Club to present Craftsmen Online’s Reading Room, a Masonic Reading Group open to Master Masons. Every month, we will post a new book that will be discussed by a panel of Brothers during a secure ZOOM meeting. We encourage you to read the monthly selection, bring your questions, and join our virtual discussion.

Thinkers wanted, apply within.

Next Reading Room

The April meeting of the Reading Room is set for Sunday, April 25 at 7:30 PM. Our panel, featuring RW Gary Heinmiller, Grand Historian, and Bro. John Nagy (Author of “The Craft UNMASKED!: The Uncommon Origin of Freemasonry and its Practice”) will dissect Chapter IV (“The Secret Doctrine”) of Joseph Fort Newton’s work, “The Builders.”

About the book… “Joseph Fort Newton composed and published this manual (published in 1914) at the direction of the Grand Lodge of Masons in Iowa. In seeking to dispel myths, fancies and misconceptions about the Masons, the Iowan Lodge permitted the author full access to their libraries and collections of relevant lore. Once the final draft was completed and reviewed, the Masters approved this work, which is intended to give accurate information to young men who are considering joining the Masonic Order.”

Click on the link below to download the PDF.

Event pre-registration is required. Sorry, due to the nature of the discussion, this event is limited to Master Masons in good standing.

Book with glasses

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Do you have a book recommendation? Maybe you would like to sit on our discussion panel? You can also you the button below to email our Reading Room editor your feedback and suggestions. Thank you!