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Bermuda Peppercorn Annual Ceremony

The Bermuda Peppercorn Annual Ceremony is a long-standing tradition that holds a special place in the history of Bermuda. Every year, on the first day of the new legislative session, the Governor of Bermuda grants a peppercorn rent to the Master of the Lodge in recognition of the custom that started in 1816. This celebration is a ceremony that attracts many participants, including members of the Bermuda Shrine Club.
Bermuda is an island in the North Atlantic Ocean with a distinct blend of British, American and West Indian cultures and traditions. The Bermuda Peppercorn Annual Ceremony is a symbol of the strong ties between the successive Governors of Bermuda and the Masters of the Lodge. The history of this ceremony dates back to 1816 when the then Governor of Bermuda, Sir William Smith, granted the Master of the Lodge, Reverend William Jones, use of the State House for a yearly rent of one peppercorn. Today, the Master of the Lodge continues to lease the State House for the token rent of one peppercorn.
Peppercorn Grant 1816

2014 Bermuda Peppercorn Ceremony

One Peppercorn Token
The ceremony is performed in April on the first day of the new legislative session where the Master of the Lodge would traditionally hand over a single peppercorn to the Governor of Bermuda as a symbolic rent payment. This custom continues every year and the ceremony includes a formal parade by Freemasons from various Lodges under the jurisdiction of the United Grand Lodge of England as well as the Bermuda Shrine Club.
The Bermuda Shrine Club members, all of whom are also Freemasons, play an active role in the Bermuda Peppercorn Annual Ceremony by organizing and participating in the parade. The Bermuda Shrine Club is an organization dedicated to serving children and supporting their families, whether they are sick, injured and in need of assistance. Shriners International is a philanthropic organization that is focused on helping children around the world through Shriners Children’s. Members of the Bermuda Shrine Club volunteer their time and resources to raise funds and provide support for the Shriners Hospital for Children in Montreal and the Massachusetts General Hospital for Children.

During the event, members of the Bermuda Shrine Club participate as parade marshals, providing assistance with crowd control and logistics. They also participate in the ceremony by carrying the ceremonial sword and providing a guard of honor. The Bermuda Shrine Club’s involvement in the event emphasizes its commitment to supporting and preserving Bermuda’s cultural heritage.

The Bermuda Peppercorn Annual Ceremony and the Bermuda Shrine Club share a common goal of helping children in need. On one hand, this ceremony demonstrates the importance of tradition, history and the preservation of heritage. On the other hand, the Bermuda Shrine Club’s focus on helping children looks towards the future. The Peppercorn Annual Ceremony reinforces the importance of historical and cultural preservation while the charity work done by the Shrine Club reinforces the values of care and compassion for others.

In conclusion, the Bermuda Peppercorn Annual Ceremony planners and the Bermuda Shrine Club are two organizations that share a deep sense of history and community service. Both organizations are a testament to the values held dear by the Bermudian people and serve as a source of inspiration for future generations.

For more information on the Bermuda Peppercorn Annual Ceremony and upcoming events, visit the Lodge St. George No. 200 G.R.S. or the Mecca Shriners.

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