Fez Friday, India Temple


Greetings my Brothers!

This is Eric Morabito, “The Walking Man,” checking back in on Fez Friday.


India Temple

On May 2, 1893, well before Oklahoma gained statehood; the Imperial Council granted dispensation for a Shrine Temple in Oklahoma City. With the ritualistic work performed by the Ararat Temple from Kansas City, MO, India conducted the first ceremonial in Oklahoma, creating seven new nobles on May 22, 1893.

After the first ceremonial, India secured rooms over the old Western Bank on Main and Broadway. With Medinah Temple of Chicago generously donating her discarded robes and paraphernalia, India was well on its way.

The following year, on July 25, 1894, a charter was issued establishing India Temple as the 65th Temple to be organized. Along with thirty-eight names affixed, the original charter now hangs prominently in the Divan Conference Room at the Temple. When Oklahoma gained statehood on September 16, 1907, the India Temple had 553 members with a jurisdiction encompassing the entire state. They now share the state with the Akdar Temple in Tulsa, and the Bedouin Temple in Muskogee, chartered in 1912. The India Temple Jurisdiction now covers thirty-seven counties in Oklahoma, with concurrent jurisdiction in seven more counties.

India’s rich and colorful heritage has touched and left its influence on two centuries and two cultures, territorial and state. Through the hospital transportation program, they are now creating and building on a legacy that will live on, manifested in the bodies of healthy and productive children.

Although it’s free, the distance to the Shrine Hospitals prohibits many families from taking advantage of the best medical care and treatment available. India Temple is committed to providing the transportation, lodging, and other expenses necessary to get the children to and from the Shrine Hospitals, literally placing the hospital at the very doorstep of disabled and burned children in Central Western Oklahoma. India’s Hospital Transportation program, using over 30 volunteer drivers, keep nine vans constantly on the road to and from the Shriners Hospitals. Commercial Air, Air Ambulances, and other means of transportation are used as needed. India currently sponsors over 800 children at the Shriners Hospitals.
India Shriners of Oklahoma City

In addition to the Shriners Hospitals, India’s 19 Clubs and 36 working/parade units participate throughout the 44 counties to help various civic, cultural and approved social programs. These Nobles present an inspiring Shrine parade for the public enjoyment and can ensure the success of a homecoming, civic activity, celebration, parade, or other community activity.

These Nobles and their enthusiasm prove that “IT’S GREAT DAY TO BE A SHRINER”!

Bro. Eric Morabito
The Walking Man
Junior Deacon, Adonai Lodge #718 in Highland, New York
Noble, Cyprus Shrine in Glenmont, New York

Eric Morabito