Meet one of the oldest Masonic Lodges in New York State

Western Star Lodge #15
On Saturday, December 17, 2022 the Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master and nearly the entire Grand Line will join with the Officers, Brothers and Family of Western Star Lodge No. 15, of the Oneida Masonic District and Rededicate the Lodge on its 225th Anniversary. Below, is a brief history of the Lodge.
The Western Star Lodge history goes back to the early settlement of this area, and in fact two of the first settlers of what was to become Bridgewater were Joseph Farwell and Ephriam Waldo, lodge brothers who were among the petitioners of Western Star. The original petition, dated April 21, 1796 was filed to form a lodge and the charter wasgranted on January 18th, 1797. The Lodge was known as Western Star Lodge #59 F&AM. The Lodge first met to the south of this location at what was known as Farwell’s Hill. In 1815 it was decided to build at the intersection of the new Cherry Valley Turnpike and the Utica to New Berlin road. In 1816 a new building was erected with the Warren Chapter #22 R.A.M. on South Street on the site of the Cottage Hotel barn. It was removed to its present location in 1864. Major repairs were made in 1872 and 1892. The dimensions of the building and its interior Lodge meeting room are by design specific to the Masonic ritual and are unique to early buildings in post-colonial upstate New York. This Lodge is the oldest lodge in Oneida County that has met continuously for over 223 years. Western Star Lodge is also one of the oldest lodges in New York State. The Lodge has also been featured in a magazine article and in a book on early Masonic Symbols in Upstate New York.
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