What to bring this Season

Hello again my Brothers and Friends!

This is the time of year, I usually write about ideas on gift giving, or travels from my past. However, this year, I want to touch on a subject that is very close to home for me. First, let me disclose that I do in fact get paid by Bonterra Organic Estates to travel & meet people all over the world. My job is literally to eat and drink with people and talk about eating and drinking. Those in my family and that know me all agree that a more perfect job could not have been created for me, and I am blessed to be in this profession.

Let’s start with the most important drink you can drink during the holiday season: water. Being in the business, and partaking of adult beverages for many of my work hours, I can say that the only way to do that and remain healthy is to hydrate as much as possible. Water is not only your most important friend during parties, but it allows you to remember how much fun you had the next day. It is very easy to over indulge and get into trouble without water, so keep that in mind during your next social gathering.

Now that we are properly hydrated, we can touch on one question that I get during almost every education event that I speak at. People always ask, “what is the proper way to drink this or that”? Or they tell me that they were told in the past that they are drinking their beverage the wrong way. I can not shout this loud enough, THERE IS NO WRONG WAY TO DRINK A BEVERAGE THAT YOU ENJOY. I usually start all my education classes with a statement that there is no wrong way to drink a drink. If you like your Sav Blanc warm, or your Cabernet with ice in it then drink it that way. If you like your whiskey with a giant ice rock, or neat (no ice) then drink it that way.

I hope all of my brothers and friends have a very happy and healthy holiday season and if you do enjoy an adult beverage please do it responsibly, designate a dry driver, and don’t forget plenty of H20. And just in case you are stuck and need a few suggestions for a wine/spirit to bring to an event, because you can’t show up empty handed, here are a few suggestions.


If you need a great bottle of red under $20 you can not go wrong with a bottle of Bonterra Cabernet, it’s organic and has a great label.

Product Information
Mendocino, CA. This Cabernet offers aromas of Bing cherry, currants and raspberry, with spicy notes of cedar and dried cranberry, with slight vanilla notes. Berry flavors show on the palate with a very approachable, rich and full mouthfeel with a lingering finish. Organically Farmed.

If a great scotch is what you need Glenmorangie Nectar D’or is an amazing 12-year-old and a 750ml bottle should be under $80.

Product Information
Whisky Advocate-Highlands, Scotland. “Lemonade, icing sugar, vanilla, nougat, and maple on the nose. Progressively sweeter. Rich and seet on the palate, notably fruity, with spicy orange and brittle toffee. Medium length finish, with milk chocolate-coated ginger and lingering toffee.”

If you need a sparkling from California, Chandon Rose is clean, crisp, and is usually under $20.

Product Information
On the palate, the wine is creamy and seductive, with defined structure from the addition of still Pinot Noir at tirage. The overall impression is one of bold vibrancy and impact from start to finish.

Last but not least if your host is a tequila drinker I love Dobel Diamante, it has a great bottle and makes a statement for under $50.

Product Information
Mexico – The world’s first multi-aged tequila! A rule blend of Reposado, Anejo & Extra Anejo Aged in the finest European oak barrels and double filtered to produce a crystal clear Tequila renowned for its character and smoothness.

Written by:
RW Anthony Prizzia
Past Master of Adonai Lodge #718, Highland, New York. Bro. Prizzia is also a proud member of Cyprus Shrine, Oriental Shrine, Ulster County Shrine Club, Valley of Albany A.A.S.R, Poughkeepsie Chapter 172, Poughkeepsie Commandry 43, Royal Order of Scotland.