Lafayette Bicentennial

Celebrating the 200 year anniversary of Marquis de Lafayette’s final goodwill tour of the United States

About Lafayette

A summary of the Marquis de Lafayette visit to the United States, written by Bro. Christopher Ruli, Masonic Historian, Researcher, and Author. Learn more about Bro. Ruli’s new book, “Brother Lafayette” coming soon in Summer 2024.

August 2024 will mark the bicentennial anniversary of the Marquis de Lafayette’s final goodwill tour of the United States. He arrived in New York State in late summer 1824 and spent the next thirteen months traveling the country, visiting each state of the Union—twenty-four in all. Wherever Lafayette went, he was greeted by throngs of eager spectators who wished to catch a glimpse of the last surviving Major General of the American Revolution. Cities and towns arranged planning committees and raised funds to host lavish parties, receptions, parades, and other events. He met with President James Monroe at the White House, Thomas Jefferson at Monticello, and held receptions to meet veterans of the Revolutionary War and their families.

The country’s Freemasons were just as eager to welcome Lafayette, a fellow brother of the Mystic Tie. Grand lodges and local bodies set up committees to welcome Lafayette into their lodge halls. He accepted invitations to attend meetings, provided toasts at festive boards, and, whenever his tight schedule prevented him from attending meetings, welcomed Masons to his quarters for personal receptions. New York City became a hub for many of Lafayette’s activities, including a number of notable Masonic events. Within weeks of his return to America, Lafayette was initiated into Royal Arch Masonry, the Knights Templar, and the Scottish Rite in New York City, and often shared his impressions and experiences of these appendant bodies while speaking with other Masons. He accepted invitations from grand lodges to lay cornerstones for notable landmarks, including memorials to Generals Nathanael Greene, Casimir Pulaski, Baron de Kalb, and a new memorial at Bunker Hill in Massachusetts.

In all, Lafayette’s visit was an important moment in American Freemasonry, which helped the public learn more about the fraternity’s values and goals. Like George Washington, Lafayette championed the fraternity and served as a role model for many who joined the fraternity. He represented a life dedicated to public service; he remained true to his convictions throughout his life; and he sought out the fraternity as a way to improve himself and support his brothers and the society he served.

Lafayette's Bicentennial Kick-off Parade

The American Friends of Lafayette are sponsoring a procession from Brookfield Place to Evacuation Day Plaza. 

August 16, 2024

10:oo am to 11:45 am

Lafayette Day in Westchester

Huguenot Lodge No. 46 will be paying tribute to Worshipful Gideon Coggeshall and Worshipful Laird Butler who were past masters of their lodge and General Lafayette’s official escorts when he toured through Westchester.

The American Friends of Lafayette the Masonic Brothers of Westchester and Bronx County will be celebrating the Bicentennial, along with Lafayette’s visit to the area, along with our lodge’s connection to this very important historic event.   

This event is sponsored by the Huguenot & New Rochelle Historical Association, New Rochelle Public Library and City of New Rochelle.

August 18, 2024

9:oo am to 11:00 pm

Most Excellent Master's degree in honor of the Marquis De Lafayette

Jerusalem Amity Chapter 8, Most Excellent Master’s degree in honor of the Marquis De Lafayette Son George Washington.

September 10, 2024

Marquis De Lafayette Royal Arch Degree Conferral

Jerusalem Amity Chapter 8, Marquis De Lafayette Royal Arch Degree Conferral in period costumes in the Grand Lodge room.

September 12, 2024

Brother Lafayette Book Talk

Albany Masonic Temple with Masonic historian, researcher and author Brother Christopher Ruli.

September 16, 2024

2:oo pm to 5:00 pm


American Friends of Lafayette

September 17, 2024

6:oo pm to 9:00 pm

Lafayette Apron Reception

Holland Lodge 8, Masonic Hall on 23rd Street.

September 18, 2024

7:oo pm to 10:00 pm

New York Grand Lodge Lafayette Gala

There will be a Gala held in Lafayette’s honor at the Masonic Hall on 23rd Street.

September 21, 2024

7:oo pm to 10:00 pm

Lafayette French Degree

France La Clémente Amitié Cosmopolite 410,  Masonic Hall 23rd Street

September 24, 2024

6:oo pm to 9:00 pm

Bro. Chris Ruli

Bro. Ruli will be speaking at the Robert R Livingston Masonic Library, Masonic Hall 23rd Street, about Marquis de Lafayette.  Bro. Ruli is a well-known historian and has recently written a book on the Marquis de Lafayette.

September 26, 2024

6:oo pm to 9:00 pm

Westchester Lafayette Gala

– The Gala in honor of Marquis de Lafayette and will be raising funds for the Westchester County Historical Society.

– Huguenot Lodge 46, White Plains Masonic Temple, 69 Main Street, Tuckahoe, NY 10707

September 27, 2024

6:oo pm to 9:00 pm

A Night for the Marquis and the Count

The American Lodge of Research, Masonic Hall in Manhattan NY

Bro. Chris Ruli to discuss the Masonic significance of Lafayette’s 1824-25 tour of the United States. Bro. Erich Huhn to explain Alexis de Tocqueville’s thoughts on Freemasonry gleaned from his tour of our nation in 1831-32. Master Masons welcome.

March 31, 2025

7:oo pm to 10:00 pm

Niagara-Orleans District Lafayette Event

Niagara-Orleans District, Lockport Masonic Hall

June 6, 2025

6:oo pm to 9:00 pm

Erie district Lafayette event

Erie District, Buffalo NY

June 8, 2025

10:oo am to 1:00 pm

Fredonia Event

Chautauqua District, Fredonia NY

June 09, 2025

2:oo pm to 4:00 pm



June 11, 2025

6:oo pm to 9:00 pm

Lafayette at saratoga

– Schuyler House, Saratoga NHP

– Ashlar Lodge 584, Town of Saratoga, Saratoga 250


June 25, 2025

6:oo pm to 9:00 pm

West POint Lodge

West Point Lodge 877, West Point


Morton Columbian Commandery

Morton and Columbian Commandery, Suffern NY



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