Traveling Man – Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London

The home of Freemasons in London, England

A Masonic Must-See: Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London

Hey there, fellow Brothers and Masonic enthusiasts! RW Anthony Prizzia  here, and I’m stoked to share an absolute gem of a Masonic destination – Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London. If you’re into Masonic history and grandeur, Freemasons’ Hall is at 60 Great Queen Street, London, is one for the bucket list.

Photo (left to right): RW Anthony Prizzia and Bro. David Dunn

Awe-Inspiring Architecture and a Treasure Trove of Artifacts

The building itself is a sight to behold. It exudes a sense of history and significance the moment you approach. And it’s not just about the exterior; this is the hub for some 25,000 Brothers in London! Best of all, it houses a collection of rare Masonic artifacts that’s truly mind-blowing.

As soon as you step through the doors, the sheer scale of the entrance hall washes over you. Just remember, security is tight (as it should be), so be prepared for a bag check. Once you’re through, the museum awaits, and most of it is open to the public completely free! Want a closer look at the magnificent Grand Hall? There’s an affordable self-guided tour option with an audio guide to lead the way. Just be mindful – individual Lodge rooms and regalia areas are off-limits. Don’t stray, or you’ll likely get a friendly tap on the shoulder from security.

The library is a bibliophile’s paradise (especially if you’re a Masonic bibliophile!). There are quiet nooks to settle into with some fascinating Masonic literature – just be sure to get help from the librarian. Everywhere you turn, there’s Masonic art and historical pieces from around the world. It’s a true feast for the eyes.

The Coolest Grand Lodge Pub…Ever?

I don’t want to spill all the beans, as I want you to experience the magic firsthand, but let me tell you about the coolest part (in my opinion) – the cafe/pub. I’ve been in Grand Lodges worldwide, and I’ve never seen one with a full-service dining area and a killer selection of drinks! It’s a place for officers, members, and guests to unwind and connect. My daughter and girlfriend felt totally at ease – a big plus in my book.

While enjoying the ambiance, I was lucky enough to meet Brother David Dunn. A true Brother, he took the time to share some fascinating history about the building and insights into English Freemasonry. Did you know most Lodges in England only meet a few times a year? Or that the way the ritual work is done can be quite different? It’s fascinating!

Your Masonic Adventure Awaits

The Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London meets quarterly, and I’m hoping to snag an invite someday. I have a feeling that would be spectacular! My hope is that I’ve convinced you to come and experience this building in person. And don’t forget to grab a bite and a drink in the one-of-a-kind Grand Lodge pub while you’re there!

Let me know if you’ve been or if you plan on going!

Cheers and fraternal love!

RW Anthony Prizzia
Past Master of Adonai Lodge #718, Highland, New York
Bro. Prizzia is also a proud member of:
Cyprus Shrine, Oriental Shrine, and Ulster County Shrine Club
Valley of Albany A.A.S.R
Poughkeepsie Chapter 172
Poughkeepsie Commandery 43
Royal Order of Scotland