Craftsmen Online aims to connect Brethren with leadership development, Masonic education, and the work of New York Masons.The general categories for Craftsmen Online blog posts:

  • Masonic Education — An original article, presentation summary, or thought piece on a Masonic subject, topic or issue
  • History – A narrative concerning past events and/or people who have made a significant impact on Masonry in New York State
  • Masonic Birthdays – A subset of History that highlights the biographies of Masons and others who have influenced the Craft
  • Masonic Art – A spotlight on the creative works of New York Masons such as paintings, music, literature as well as works that have been influenced by Masonry
  • Events – A description of an event or tradition that is unique to your lodge and its significance to the members
  • Fez Friday – A weekly highlight of a Shriner Temple, its history and charities
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  • Consider harmony of the Craft and keep out personal religious or political views
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