Chamber of Reflection

Chamber of Reflection


Chamber of 


by Bro. Ari Roussimoff

Reflecting on one’s life and inner self is something any sane and moral human being should really be doing. What is a Chamber of Reflection anyway? In Masonry, this is a specific room set aside for meditation and deeply personal contemplation. Although no longer as prevalent within the Craft as it once was, the profound significance of that room is no less relevant today.

Painted Knights Templar Apron


by Bro. Ari Roussimoff


If one looks at the entire world as it is now and how it has been from the very beginning, one might consider themselves to be living right in the midst of a Chamber of Reflection of sorts.

This painting was completed in 2019. I based my vision on an earlier composition of mine involving the Knights Templar, which I first painted on an apron. My Chamber of Reflection painting has not yet been publicly displayed. I hope to eventually exhibit it in one of the Masonic museums or libraries.

Written by Bro. Ari Roussimoff
Consolidated Lodge #31 F. & A.M.
Manhattan, New York

Bro Ari Roussimoff