Traveling Man – White House Plumbers

Traveling back in time on the new hit HBO limited series

Editors note: For the last two years, I have been patiently waiting for the release of HBO’s series “The White House Plumbers.” As RW Anthony Prizzia will detail in his blog article, this limited series features a blend of history and comedy in the satirical political drama of the June 1972 break-in of the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, DC. I was excited as a fan of US History to see this story, but also, when I received a phone call from Bro. Prizza that his beloved 1966 Lincoln was selected as one of the historic cars for the show. As the weeks and months passed, Bro. Prizzia shared more info on the show as some of the production was being done in Albany, New York. The five-part series is now available on HBO. For more information on the show, click here

Image: RW Anthony Prizzia on the set of “White House Plumbers”

Hello again, my Brothers and friends; it has been a while since I shared a traveling story in the wild world of Freemasonry. I will use my time machine to travel back to the early 1970s. I am being a little cheeky here because I did not use an actual time machine, but my classic 1966 Lincoln convertible and some Hollywood magic. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I answered a request for classic car drivers in an HBO limited series. Little did I know that the stars would be Woody Harrelson, Justin Theroux, Lena Headey, Judy Greer, Kathleen Turner, and many more world-class actors in a series on the Watergate scandal!
At first, I totally thought it was a scam. Two months passed, and still no call from the production company, but just as I felt like I had sent my email and personal info to a scammer, the phone rang. It was a woman named Sam asking me a bunch of questions. They loved my 1966 Lincoln convertible, but she wanted to know if I could grow hair, LOL. I said yes, I can, I just choose not to, to which she said I must stop cutting my hair and let it grow out. As my hair is growing out, I still feel like I am being pranked, and this will never really be anything. Two more months go by, and I get text messages about my availability as I still work my day job importing wine. Most of the shoots were overnight, so it worked out perfectly. And after many COVID tests and wardrobe fittings, I find myself on set making this amazing HBO show, feeling like a kid in a candy store. Everyone on set was so nice and welcoming. It was like being in a whirlwind of family and a touch of dysfunction. We would do take after take until it was perfect. Many nights I just parked my car on set and went to sleep, but there were a few times when they needed more people in the shot, and I was already in my best 1970 outfit and happy to jump in front of the camera.

Image: Bro. Prizzia’s classic 1966 Lincoln on the set of “The White House Plumbers” (location shoot, Albany, NY)

Image: Bro. Prizzia as an extra during the Country Club scene. (“The Beverly Hills Burglary”, Episode 1).

Image: Bro. Prizzia as an extra on the set of White House Plumbers.

So about now, you are asking yourself, what does this have to do with Freemasonry? Well, as I have said before, if there are a few Masons around in close proximity, we usually find each other like Cheerios in milk. I kept hearing people asking for Anthony, and I was like, “Do you mean me?” LOL, they did not! But I soon found out who the other Anthony on set was. Lo and behold, he spotted my ring and introduced himself as a fellow Brother. From that point on, I was treated even better on set, and when it came to the camera angle, I started to get into more shots. Bro. Anthony helped me learn who the people that ran the set were, and who I needed to be close with if I wanted to be called back to get more time on the show. I quickly introduced myself to all the important people on set and brought them some of their favorite wines. Within a few weeks, I was asked to join the Screen Actors Guild (SAG)! I was so excited to become a real paid background actor; it was a dream come true.
The best part was that after I made a good impression, I got my daughter on set for two days, and she made it in one shot during the show. This was the most amazing part, and most of this good fortune would have happened if I did respond to the production company’s social media ad and had the good fortune of a fellow Brother helping me along the way. (Image: Bro. Prizzia’s daughter leaving home for her first day on set) So, get out there, my brothers, shed that guiding light and meet your extended family all over the world. You never know when one little ring on your finger or a pin on your jacket will take you down a road you never dreamed about traveling.
RW Anthony Prizzia Past Master of Adonai Lodge #718, Highland, New York Bro. Prizzia is also a proud member of: Cyprus Shrine, Oriental Shrine, and Ulster County Shrine Club Valley of Albany A.A.S.R Poughkeepsie Chapter 172 Poughkeepsie Commandery 43 Royal Order of Scotland