A “Masonic” Wedding

A “Masonic” Wedding


A “Masonic” Wedding

March 5, 2022: The First Wedding in the Huntington Masonic Lodge

It has been said many times, that Freemasonry is not a secret fraternity, but a fraternity with secrets. Secret grips, secret passwords, secret meanings. But one item that usually does not fall into a mysterious category is secret wedding. That is until a recent Saturday afternoon in a Long Island masonic lodge.

On Saturday, March 5, Brother Drew MacCallum and his bride Janet Schuellein tied the knot in the Jephtha Lodge Masonic lodge room in front of a small gathering of family and friends, most of whom were not in on the secret ceremony. The gathering of the two families thought they were possibly attending an engagement party, but instead were treated to a surprise wedding. Only their parents knew about another secret, one that took place prior to the wedding in Jephtha Masonic Lodge No. 494 F. & A.M.,  Huntington, NY.

You see, Drew and Janet were secretively married back in October in Las Vegas, Nevada by the King himself, Elvis Presley. Their nuptials remained a private affair until they could get their family and friends together after the Covid restrictions were lifted. It was the Bride’s idea to use the lodge, knowing how important it was to the Georgia-native Groom since it has become one of his new “homes” in NY.

The “masonic” wedding was officiated by Jephtha Secretary, Tim Tenclay, Pastor at the Community Reformed Church in Manhasset, NY. The meal was prepared by Brother Geoff Cohen, who was completely unaware what was taking place in the lodge room until after the ceremony.

The bride looked radiant, and the groom was ecstatic. The couple’s official announcement to the world soon after the wedding was, “So we did a thing and tonight, surprised our family with a wedding. Little did they know, we snuck away to Vegas in October and eloped – but tonight was for them. “

One guest posted on social media the following day, “Last night we thought we were meeting Drew’s family and maybe a possible engagement. But instead, we were blessed with a surprise wedding! Our family gained a WONDERFUL brother-in-law, and we are over the moon for Janet and Drew! P.S. guys- still crying.”

Congratulations to the Bride and Groom!


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Masonic Wedding

Written by Wor. Bro. Ronald J. Seifried, DSA
Trustee Chairman and Historian, Jephtha Lodge No. 494 F. & A.M.
Area 1 Historian, Nassau and Suffolk Masonic Districts
Co-Editor, Craftsmen Online NY Masonic History column
32° Scottish Rite,  Valley of Rockville Centre
Companion of Asharokan Chapter No. 288, Royal Arch Masons
Member of Suffolk Council No. 76, Cryptic Masons
Author, “Long Island Freemasons,” Arcadia Publishing, 2020

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